Trekking Through Afghanistan

Trekking Through Afghanistan

What comes to mind when you think of Afghanistan? War? Terrorism? Osama Bin Laden? Mother of All Bombs?

Of course, much of Afghanistan is still dangerous – but there is also an incredible amount of beauty, hospitality and kindness in this country that is not reported.

It’s far too easy to slander or wipe out an entire country when you don’t need to look at those people. People with the same hopes and dreams as you – to survive, find happiness, and fulfill their family’s needs.

I was able to experience the positive side of Afghanistan and its extraordinary people, up close and personal, during my trip there last summer. From then on it became the most memorable travel adventure for me.

Here are some photos of people & my favorite sights from my backpacking trip 100 miles to the remote Wakhan Corridor and mountains in Afghanistan.

Wakhan Corridor
Wakhan is a rocky and wild area in Northeast Afghanistan, part of the Badakhshan Province. It is a narrow plot of land, about 400 km long, surrounded by Tajikistan, China and Pakistan on three sides.

Two large mountains dominate the region, the Pamir in the North, and the Hindu Kush in the South. The Wakhan Corridor was created by politicians in the 1800s during the “Big Game” in an attempt to leave the buffer zone between India, England and the Russian empire.

Passing By Yak
Traveling on foot with my backpack, I managed to take a yak ride for some routes. We met a group of Wakhi who led their yak through the mountains. While they stopped for tea, they let us borrow their yak, which we carried further into the valley until the owner followed us later.

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