Leaving the icy north behind; Hokkaido to Tokyo

Overseeing our recovery, Furano is a relative recovery point interspersed with light snow hiking. P2 is feeling less energy, so there will be a snow business that hasn’t been completed after the trip.

The last time we were here, the temperature was in the mid-thirties, the sun rose at 3:30 in the morning. Unlike in January, the snow underneath is crusty and minus 13 to 15 Celsius in the morning. Our bodies are naturally under different pressure.

The landscape changes completely and is very relaxing to only see in winter conditions. We think our flu has improved enough to meet the 2018 travel features, Shingo-san, cafe owners, bicycle guides, and jacks of all trades, as is usual in the Hokkaido community. Luckily, the dress code for cold days is nose and mouth closed, on

in line with the disease protocol when you regularly stutter. P2 was content to look for a snowy shrine that morning for photography, while I went to see what was happening at our first snow boots, the old Furano-Shi golf course.

A recent Google map search shows that it has been moved to 11 km from Furano, and the possibility of a ‘picnic park’ and a separate area created on the lower slopes makes me interested. Accessing it through the hotel of the Old Prince, next to the same abandoned pink bus four years ago (now a place for someone’s ski equipment), I followed several prints of snow boots in the trees, hopefully getting a view. The view of the forest and the nearest ski track is the prize, with the nearest ski track looking suspicious.

I retrace my steps to the road using GPS, then turn parallel to the road to the New Prince hotel, finding the exact same tree line we passed that was … Read the rest