Itinerary, Tips and Guide to Holiday in Singapore in 3 Days

Itinerary, Tips and Guide to Holiday in Singapore in 3 Days

Itinerary, Tips and Guide to Holiday in Singapore in 3 Days
Blog Travel Reservations – Singapore, even though this is a small country, Singapore is a modern, neat, clean and orderly country. That also makes tourists hooked back and forth on vacation to Singapore. No exception Indonesian tourists also like traveling here. In fact, many have made Singapore the first destination for a vacation abroad.

Well, because this time Travel Blog Reservation will try to share tips and travel guides for those of you who are just on holiday to Singapore. Whether in the style of backpacker, or the usual traveling style. What is clear is that even with a frugal budget you can still travel in Singapore without hesitation. Read the preparations for your vacation trip to Singapore, also the itinerary and saving tips while in Singapore below:

Prepare a Passport, Because Without a Passport You Can’t Go Abroad!

Renew passport
Making a passport right now is easy, it doesn’t have to be complicated. And the most important thing to be ascertained is the expiration of your passport. If you go abroad, your passport validity period must not be less than 6 months. For example, if you are going to Singapore on August 15, 2016, at least your passport expiration period must be February 30, 2015.

Of course if the validity period is less than 6 months, immediately extend your passport. It’s ridiculous not to fail to venture out of the country just because of a passport problem that hasn’t been extended. Especially now how to make a new passport or how to extend your passport is not complicated anymore because you can get online.

The Cost of Travel to Singapore Will Be Cheaper If You Can Get Promo Tickets
It’s no secret, the cheaper airplane tickets, the less costs that need to be spent. Indeed, when traveling to Singapore it can be cheap because there are many cheap promo tickets to Singapore. Stay tuned for LCC flight tickets that often provide promo tickets like AirAsia, Tigerair, or Jetstar. Even the normal ticket price for Jakarta Singapore is IDR 400,000-600,000. Can be even cheaper if there is a promo ticket to Singapore ?

Stay at a Cheap Hostel or Cheap Budget Hotel Also One Way to Save on Holiday in Singapore
Even this neighboring country is not too big, but the cost of living in Singapore is one of the most expensive in Southeast Asia. Therefore, choosing the right hotel or hostel is the key to frugality. Choose accommodation in Singapore that is strategically located, so you don’t have to pay extra for transportation. Just walk to some of the attractions in Singapore.

Try booking 1 month before the date of arrival, usually you can get a much cheaper lodging price. If possible, staying at the hotel is still too expensive, you can try staying at a hostel. Try staying in hostels with dorm room types that are like dormitories with lots of beds. Maybe you will stay with foreigners, but the average hostel price in Singapore is around 100 thousand for one night. Very cheap, not a hostel in Singapore?

Designing an Efficient Itinerary Maybe So that Holidays in Singapore Can Be More Maximum
For the itinerary, it is an example of a holiday itinerary in Singapore for 3 days.

Day 1: From Changi International Airport to Hotels in Singapore
holiday guide to Singapore
Travel in Singapore
Try to take off from Jakarta in the morning so that when you arrive in Singapore you can go for a walk. But if you take off during the day, or in the afternoon you can go to the inn first to put your luggage. For example, if you fly from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport at 17:00 WIB, with a flight time of around 2 hours you will arrive in Singapore at 20:00 Singapore time (Singapore local time is 1 hour earlier than Jakarta).

When arriving at Changi International Airport, just head to terminal 2 where there is Mass Rapid Transportation or MRT to get to downtown Singapore or the hotel where you stay. We chose to use MRT because this transportation is the fastest and cheapest way to reach hotels in the center of Singapore. Arriving at the inn, it is recommended to rest first because it arrives at night.

For example, you will stay in the Geylang area (this place has many cheap inns). For example, you can try staying at Fragrance Ruby Hotel which is located at Jl. 10 Lorong 20 Geylang, Singapore. The location of this hotel is quite strategic, because it is only a 10-minute walk from and to Aljunied MRT Station. From Changi to the Aljunied Station using the MRT it will take around 30 minutes at a rate of SGD 2.10.

Day 2: Spend Time in Skatepark, Narcissistic at the Merlion Park
Try getting up early and on the first day you can go to Sommerset. This Sommerset is a shopping center and business district in Singapore that is quite crowded. Sommerset location is not far from Orchard Road which is famous for its shopping centers and expensive branded goods.

What is unique in Sommerset is the skateboarding arena in Sommerset Skatepark (or sometimes also known as Scape Skate Park). So for those of you who like skateboarding, it’s like trying to skate in this place. In addition to the extensive skate park, it’s still quiet. In addition there are several picnic tables on the edge of the skatepark surrounded by shady trees for those of you who want to relax. Sommerset can be reached by MRT from Aljunied Station with a rate of SGD 1.70.

If you are satisfied to relax or skate in Sommerset, you can proceed to Raffles Place MRT Station to take the MRT and then take pictures, in front of the Merlion statue. The location of the Merlion Statue is at the Merlion park which is only about 10 minutes walk from Raffles Place MRT Station. The MRT ticket price from Sommerset MRT Station to Raffles Place MRT Station is SGD 1.30.

Besides being narcissistic in front of the Merlion Park, you can enjoy the Singapore landscape filled with tall buildings. Indeed, most of Singapore’s landmarks can be witnessed from the Merlion Park. For example, such as the Singapore Flyer, Esplanade, Singapore ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands to the Merlion Statue itself. Here you can go around and spend the night. Nighttime views around the Merlion will be so beautiful.

Itinerary, Tips and Guide to Holiday in Singapore in 3 Days

Day 3: Marina Bay Sands, Sentosa Island, Gardens by the Bay, Return to Jakarta via Changi International Airport
The last day should be all checkout, so I don’t have to go back to the hotel anymore. On this third day you can visit Sentosa Island. On Sentosa Island there are many interesting attractions and attractions that you can try. One of the most popular attractions here is Universal Studio Singapore.

From Aljunied MRT Station you can take the MRT and get off at Harbourfront Station to get to Sentosa Island. Travel time from Aljunied Station will take approximately 30 minutes with SGD 2 rates. Upon arrival at Harbourfront Station, you can continue your journey by using Sentosa Express at a rate of SGD 4 for your trip home (PP).

On Sentosa Island we did just walk around the island while taking a few photos. Many attractions can be tried here, but the average rate is quite expensive so we prefer to look around and just walk around. The next destination you can visit is Marina Bay Sands. Marina Bay Sands is Singapore’s iconic landmark, a symbol of luxury and glamorous life in Singapore.

Casinos, malls, hotels and offices can all be found at Marina Bay Sand. Not far from Marina Bay Sands, there is a unique garden known as Gardens By The Bay which is the largest flower garden in Singapore reaching 101 hectares. The best time to visit is at night because beautiful lights start to decorate Supertree Grove with different colors every minute.

If you are satisfied to go around at Garden By The Bay, you can go straight to Changi International Airport to fly back to Jakarta.

Holiday-saving tips in Singapore

  1. Buy an MRT Card for Multi Trip (EZYLink Card or Singapore Tourist Pass)
    Buy a MRT (multi trip) card for tourists that can be purchased at several MRT Stations. By using this multi trip card, you will get two benefits. First, the tariff will be cheaper than a single ticket. Second, you can use a multi trip card not only for the MRT but also for public buses. Tasty isn’t it?

To buy a multi trip card, the price is SGD 12, and you will get a balance of SGD 7. If the balance runs out, take it easy, because you can top up the balance with a minimum top up of SGD 10. And if it turns out the card balance is still left when returning to home, the card can be returned to be exchanged for the remaining cash balance of the card.

  1. Buy a Local Card SIM in Singapore for those of you who want to be connected to the Internet
    If you want to always be online during your vacation in Singapore, it’s better to buy a local SIM card from the Singtel provider. This SIM card can be found easily in 7-11 (Seven Eleven) stores. Make sure you bring your passport when you buy it, because you will be asked to show your passport for the data verification process. The price of this SIM card is SGD 15, with a balance of SGD 18. More than enough for a week-long data package subscription in Singapore.
  2. Restaurants with Halal Menu Can Also Be Easily Found In Singapore
    For those of you who are Muslims, in Singapore there are many halal foods in Indian and Malay food stalls. Briyani rice that looks like fried rice, you can try it. Or you can also try other Malay foods like nasi lemak for those of you who don’t like Indian cuisine. Besides that, in Singapore, you can also easily find dishes from Indonesia, provided you want to look for them.
  3. Roti Prata, delicious food for those of you who want to save money
    If you want to try cheap but filling snacks, you can try prata bread. How to eat it is quite simple just by dipping bread into curry sauce provided. This bread is usually available in Indian restaurants at SGD 1 for one serving.

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